People in the media want me to claim that Pete Edochie is my biological father- Kingsley Abasili

Nollywood actor Kingsley Abasili claims he has been approached by media organizations and told to claim that Pete Edochie is his biological father as a requirement to become famous. Idoamebo reports

Kingsley Abasili has throughout the years gained notoriety for his uncanny likeness to legendary Nollywood actor Pete Edochie.

According to Kingsley, the media houses gave it as a condition for him to get promoted in the industry which he rejected because of the love he has for Pete Edochie.

Kingsley Abasili and veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie have met on several occasions and featured in movies together also taking father and son poses in some photos.
Though Pete Edochie has not openly made any comments about his relationship with the Nollywood actor, the suspicion that they could be more than just a lookalike has kept many wondering. There are rumors of Pete Edochie having adopted Kingsley Abasili as his son.

Abasili posted on his social media handle:

“For those coming to my inbox to mock me, I’m not popular because I refused to be. Media houses approached me asking me to declare Pete Edochie my biological father but I refused. That was the condition I was given to become famous but I see no reason to do such.”

Sourced from Kingsley Abasili’s social media handle.