Zenith Bank Heralds Yuletide Season With Ajose Adeogun Street Christmas Light-Up

The Christmas and Yuletide sea­son came to life on Saturday, No­vember 19, 2022 at the 2022 Zenith Bank Christmas Light-Up Cere­mony, which was held at the Ajose Adeogun Street Roundabout, Vic­toria Island, Lagos

Idoamebo reports that the official lighting ceremo­ny, which was performed by the Group Managing Director/CEO of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr. Ebenezer Onyeagwu, supported by Execu­tive Management, was witnessed by many of the bank’s staff and customers, with others joining virtually.

With the theme “Let There Be Light”, this year marks the 16th edition of the Light-up Ceremony at the Ajose Adeogun Roundabout.

The Light-Up event is an annu­al Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by the bank to her­ald the yuletide season through the beautification of Ajose Adeogun Street – home to Zenith Bank’s Corporate Headquarters – which has come to be recognized as an iconic place, attracting people from all walks of life who visit with their families and friends to take pictures and make videos of the wonderful spectacle, especially at night and enjoy the ambiance of the street and season.

Onyeagwu, while speaking during the ceremony, expressed his delight in heralding the yuletide season of 2022 through the iconic Ajose Adeogun Street lighting up.

He said: “Today is a unique day. It is unique in the sense that we are going to turn on the Christ­mas light and activate the spirit of Christmas, which we usually have annually.

“It is also unique in the sense that we are honored and delight­ed to have in our midst the wife of our Founder and Chairman, Mrs. Kay Ovia”.

He praised Quantum Markets, the company responsible for the annual decorations, for the out­standing, very creative, and ex­tremely beautiful work that they have done.

According to him, “when you look at the Christmas set-up we have every year, it looks completely different, and there is no repetition of themes. And when we think we have seen it all, by the time a new one comes, it is something com­pletely different and massively so. The one for this year, as I entered here, I was wondering if this is a theme park”.