Actress Chacha Eke Reconciles With Husband After Giving Testimony About Her Mental Illness (Video)

Chacha Eke-Faani, a well-known Nollywood actress, recently gave testimony at church on how she overcame a mental illness, Idoamebo gathered.

Chacha said during her testimony that she lost her mind while staying in a hotel in Enugu with her husband and two kids. She claimed that she started destroying hotel property and carelessly threw away her personal items.

Chacha and her husband felt her strange behavior was a result of either a demonic attack or a marine spirit. They even blamed some family members for being against their marriage.

She stated that the situation became so unbearable that she and her husband decided to visit the hospital for medical help. They visited the hospital and discovered it was a mental illness.

The actress who said she is now well and back with her husband again expressed deep gratitude to her husband for staying with her during her trying times.