Wizkid apologizes for his absence from the Ghana concert.

Wizkid apologizes for his absence from the Ghana concert.

Wizkid, a famous musician from Nigeria, has stated that it was the right choice for him not to attend last night’s Wizkid Live in Accra event.

The Ojuelegba hitmaker apologized to his followers for the sad occurrence in a formal statement posted on his Twitter page this evening, while also reassuring them that he would never take any action without giving it thoughtful consideration. Idoamebo reports

“Ghana is a country I hold so dear to my heart, first and foremost, I wanna apologise to all my fans! Y’all know I would never do anything, without a serious reasoning behind it. My brand is something I don’t joke with! I sincerely apologise, to everyone who made the effort to come out for me last night. I was charged up, looking forward to doing this show.

“However, please understand that every decision I made co-sided with honoring my fans, and would only make a drastic decision like this because it was the right thing to do and I had to. Unfortunately, up until the day of this show, there continued to be safety and production issues that prevented me from putting on a high-quality show that my fans deserve.

“My Team and Myself are working on delivering a show to my amazing fans in Ghana. It will be just us, me and you. Date and details soon. Love you.(sic),” the statement said.

Wizkid’s statement may possibly calm down many disgruntled patrons at last night’s show who have relentlessly vented their spleen at Wizkid for disrespecting them by not showing up as promoted.

Now, it appears the situation has become a game of blames as earlier today, the organisers of Live Hub entertainment blamed Wizkid for breaching his contractual obligation last night.

“Dear LiveHub Nation, Wizkid breached his contractual obligation last night. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will issue FULL refunds to all who paid for tickets. Please send your barcode to thelivehubinfo@gmail.com. Thank you. Management,” the statement noted.