The film Industry need Government Help.

The film industry need government help.


Emmanuel Ayilola, a Nigerian film producer, has urged the government to support and foster an environment that will allow the entertainment industry to flourish in the nation. He claims that by doing so, the industry will significantly reduce youth unemployment and generate significant revenue for the Nigerian government.


Ayilola, who described the entertainment industry as expensive and profitable, lamented that government was not doing anything to support the industry and its practitioners. Idoamebo reports.


He spoke with our correspondent in Akure, the Ondo State capital, on the state of entertainment industry in Nigeria.


He said, “The entertainment industry is a profitable sector. Nigerians are making it from the different sectors that form the industry. But unfortunately, the government is not investing in this industry. The government is doing nothing or less to support this industry. To shoot a film is very expensive. To even promote a talent requires a lot of things that lean on capital.


“How many studios does our government have? Are people getting loans from the government? No bank is willing to give loans to players in this sector. What support are people in this industry getting from the government? I know how much I have spent now to establish a studio. It takes the grace of God to succeed. We are not yet there but at least we thank God we started from somewhere.”


The film producer, who is also a lawyer, noted that there was a need for the establishment of a ministry that would be dealing with entertainment only to properly address the challenges facing the industry.


“Our government must support this industry. They must create an enabling environment for the players in this industry to be able to succeed. Even getting relevant licenses is not easy.

That’s why I felt creating the Nigerian ministry of the entertainment industry is not bad. A lot of things will be sorted out if this is done. It will be the sole business of the ministry to handle everything that has to do with entertainment. Existing agencies would operate under the ministry. This is achievable because the industry is big,” he stressed.


Ayilola also called for legislation on entertainment business from the National Assembly to promote and protect the industry, saying the issue of piracy was a major challenge facing the industry and needed the support of the government to tackle the menace.


“You will agree with me that the entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria. Precisely, Nigeria Nollywood is among the largest and one of the fastest growing movie industries in the world. Our musical sector is not left out in the entertainment industry. You will discover that foreign music no longer has a place in Nigeria. The role of the law cannot be overemphasised. I am already looking at good legislation that can help promote and protect the entertainment industry of Nigeria to be a standard for the world.


“I am not sure we have any rich legislation on the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is big and profitable. A lot of people have made it from the different sectors of the industry. A bill for the establishment of a special ministry to control the entertainment industry in Nigeria is not out of place at all. The major problem of the industry presently is piracy. I think we must all put our hands on deck to checkmate this menace using the instrumentality of the law,” the producer noted.