Disappointment Opened My Eyes, Ego

Disappointment opened my eyes, ego

Disappointments have opened her eyes throughout her career, according to singer Nwakaego Ogbaro, alias Ego. Idoamebo reports

She made the revelation in an interview with Sunday Scoop.

“The journey has been interesting. I have learnt so much, like how to run a band, studio and deal with clients. It has come with its own challenges; I have dealt with disappointments and losses. So, it has been an eye-opener for me,” she said.

According to the jazz singer, the bulk of the lovers of the genre of music remains the older generation of Nigerians, as the young people don’t really connect well with the genre.

She said, “Nigerians have always loved jazz but it has always been associated with the older generation. I have met a few good jazz singers and instrumentalists. It has its own technique and as long as one does it well, one will always have an audience.”

Speaking on her career as an actress, she said, “When I was younger, my dream was to be an actress. I have always loved acting and I have done some stage plays including Midnight Blackout and August Meeting. I have also been on Tinsel and I am on a new series called Wura, which will be released this month. I hope to make a successful career out of it too.”