ALAT Introduces New Savings and Investment Product


ALAT Introduces New Savings and Investment Product

ALAT by Wema has launched a campaign aimed at encouraging Nigerians to imbibe a healthy savings and investment culture.

The bank said this would help Nigerians build a strong financial base in the new year.

A statement by the media consultant to the bank said that the new product would encourage both existing and new customers to take advantage of its numerous savings offerings to grow their finances and create wealth by cultivating a strong culture of regular savings and investment.

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According to her, customers could earn up to 10 percent interest on any of the savings.

She said: “As people resume their various activities after the festive season, the early weeks of the year are often associated with a rise in spending.” There are nine savings plans on ALAT that customers can choose from to ramp up their savings and investment.

“Naturally, it is difficult for people to save money because there isn’t going to be sufficient money to keep after spending.” However, there is a more significant gain when people cultivate the discipline of making regular savings and investments a lifestyle.

For customers who would like to spend, she said that the Spend and Save feature is the most convenient option, stressing that customers could automatically save a percentage of the transaction amount on ALAT and earn interest on their savings.

She explained that customers determine the specific transaction type and duration of a withdrawal.

Other savings and investment products include stash, flexi goal, spend and save, fixed goal, lock up savings, dollar plan, investment, and rotating savings.

Philip-Ladipo added that the various savings features available were designed to meet the preferences and needs of everyone who desires to be intentional about their savings and investment culture.