BBTitans: Being paired with a nonchalant person led to my eviction, says Sandra

BBTitans: Being paired with a nonchalant person led to my eviction, says Sandra

Sandra Essien, the recently evicted Big Brother (BBTitans) housemate, says being paired with Theo Traw led to her removal from the reality TV show. Idoamebo reports.

In a chat with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Sandra said she had doubts about progressing in the show the moment she was paired with Traw, whom she described as a “nonchalant person.”

“Yes. The moment I was paired with him I was just like, “You have to just take me out now.” “I felt like it was about to be a wrap,” she said.

“You know there’s something that happens—iron sharpens iron.” I know I am on fire. You can’t take that away from me, but it was quite unfortunate that I was paired with the most nonchalant person ever. He’s okay, but probably not for me.

“But say I saw the eviction coming.” I knew people were going to put me up for eviction. It was both of us, and I was just like, “Okay, this thing is done.” I was hoping we’d stay longer, but that didn’t happen.It is what it is.

“I get iffy. because I am a fire bulb. I’d have preferred someone who could, you know, wake me up.Just be at my pace, and I think I had to slow down for him to catch up. And I think I’m trying to run at my own pace.

“I tried, but I was so iffy.” I wasn’t having it.

“I’m not putting it all on him. I should have done better.

Asked if she would iron things out with Traw, Sandra said “he and his negative energy should keep off.”

“Now this is no longer a controlled environment.” “I can choose not to exist,” she added.

Biggie, the instructive voice, had earlier paired the 24 housemates with their opposite gender.

He also said that whatever happens to a housemate, their partner will be affected.