BBTitans: Jaypee, Lukay evicted from the House

BBTitans: Jaypee, Lukay evicted from the House


The Big Brother Titans, which comprised of Nigerian and South African housemates, held its second live eviction show on Sunday evening and two housemates were evicted.

Jaypee and Lukay, codenamed ‘Jaykay’, were evicted, making them the third and fourth evictees for the show’s debut season. Idoamebo reports.

While Jaypee is Nigerian, Lukay is a South African.

After the first week of the show, the housemates were paired male and female.

According to Big Brother, the paired housemates were to work together in the house, become Heads of House, and face nominations and evictions together.

Sandra and Theo Traw, codenamed ‘Santheo’, were the first evictees from the show after spending two weeks in the house.

They were evicted on Sunday, January 28, at the first live eviction show.

During the nomination process on Monday, the following pairs were put up for possible eviction: Lukay and Jaypee (Jaykay), Thabang and Nana (Thabana), Blaqboi and Ipeleng (Blaqleng), Yemi and Nelisa (Yelisa) and Miracle OP and Khosi (Khosicle).

The Heads of House, Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii (Kaniva), had an opportunity, through their veto power, to save a pair and replace with another.

Kaniva saved Yelisa and replaced them with Marvin and Yaya (Maya).

After the veto save twist, the five pairs of nominated housemates were Jaykay, Thabana, Blaqleng, Khosicle, and Maya.

After the voting process, Jaykay got 7.8% votes; Blaqleng, 12.68%, and Maya 19.16%, leading to Jaypee and Lukay’s eviction.

So far, Sandra, Theo Traw, Jaypee and Lukay have been evicted, leaving 20 contestants (10 Nigerians and 10 South Africans) to compete for the grand prize of $100,000.