Adekunle Gold & Simi “No Forget” For Video Of The Year

Adekunle Gold & Simi “No Forget” For Video Of The Year

When this song dropped along with the Gold album, it was outstanding simply because of its superb production. Just like every other track on the album, Adekunle Gold is always telling stories with his songs. And so the visuals couldn’t just have been done any better. Although it seemed quite stereotypical, it is simply the tale of two love birds who will have to face parental obstacle and distance to fight for their love.

In this video we saw a different side of Simi and Adekunle Gold, the acting was flawless. Simi has once again proved that she can fuse chemistry with anyone especially with that voice.

Kudos should also go to Clarence Peters for the dope video.

Review by Muyiwa Oni (@muyisbanire)

The video is timely reaching out to the valentine season, sprinkling love on the faces of lovers and striking a memory of difficult times lovers have had to face during their time of exchanging love ties.

Adekunle Gold is indeed a sucker for love and having Simi who speaks and breathes love just adds the icing on the cake.

The exchange of dialogue amongst the characters is exceptional, a representation of a Nigerian home that portrays social class difference, especially when love and money are involved. The video lacks nothing in the context of what amazing is known for. The video will definitely be a strong contender for video of the year, and for the fact that boss Clarence Peters shot it, a master of his craft indeed finished work to the video, but would it be good enough to win? I guess we would have to wait to find out, right?

After all have been said, the only off scene about the video is towards the end, it lacks a little bit of originality, realism and I have to say it is ridiculously implausible.

On a scale of 5, I would give a 3.5 for the video.