Nollywood damsels who are rocking facial piercings with panache!

Nollywood damsels who are rocking facial piercings with panache!

Nollywood actress and Instagram sensation, Moyo Lawal, is always known to be the epitome of a complete woman in pursuit of her dreams.

Regardless of what anyone would say about her crazy fashion sense, the actress always strives to be unique with her look. And every time she does that, she leaves her fans in awe. It was therefore not surprising a few days ago when the damsel unveiled her new nose ring, which looked glamorous yet subtle. She already had two stunning nose rings before adding the third one. Idoamebo reports.

The baddest actress revealed her new facial piercing on her Instagram page, writing, “So, is my new piercing.. a miss or a hit?”You can identify the new piercing.. you already know, raw, unfiltered images.”

Moyo is not the only celebrity from this part of the world who’s currently rocking body or nose rings with panache. The likes of Cynthia Morgan,Tonto Dikeh, Tems, Simi Angela Okorie, Adokiye Kyrian, Korra Obidi, Tiwa Savage, and Regina Daniel, among others, at one time or another had pierced their noses, ears, eyebrows, and other areas of their bodies for personal reasons.

Recall when Tems’ piercings made many young girls go over the moon. But in recent times, the Grammy award-winner has restricted herself to wearing only earrings, which speak volumes of her beauty. Adokiye Kyrian, a tomboy singer, is seductively beautiful, fragile, and proud of being a virgin.

Many see the singer as a tomboy, but Adokiye presents a picture of a woman on a mission to redefine her personality through her all-time boyish look. Currently based in the United Kingdom, the Imo State-born tomboy has one of the best tastes when it comes to looking like an absolute stunner with the kind of gold nose ring she wears!

She complements her look with a colorful punk hair style, and sometimes she goes for braided hair.

Just like Adokiye, a popular dancer, actor, and singer, Korra Obidi tries to be different with a nose ring.

Taking after India’s damsels, the singer has not only won many hearts with her suave dance moves but also with her sporty nose ring, which has become a fashion inspiration to many.

Her nose ring fits her perfectly, as it blends with her complexion. If anything, Korra has come a long way with a nose ring, and the immense appreciation she’s receiving for her penchant for donning Indian looks is second to none.

Indeed, Tonto Dikeh is known for her many tattoos, but this time, the actress has added a nose ring to embellish her sensual look. So also, Regina Daniels, singer Simi, Cynthia Morgan, and Rukky Sanda, who are still turning heads with their beautifying nose rings. In a nutshell, it goes to show that the facial piercing, which is known to be the status symbol of Indian beauty from time immemorial, is catching up with the world. And Nigerian celebrities are not taking chances in their bid to recreate the authentic version of the Indian myth.

The nose rings not only update Moyo’s beauty but also add to her sense of fashion and style. No wonder many believed that the actress could not do anything without donning some of the most remarkable nose ring designs.