Easter Means a Period of Reflection to me– Tobi Makinde

Easter Means a Period of Reflection to me– Tobi Makinde


Idoamebo reports that actor and filmmaker, Tobi Makinde, has said Easter, a period Christians mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a period of reflection for him.


He told Sunday Scoop, “For me, Easter signifies the death and resurrection of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time for us as Christians to make restitution.

“I don’t really have any special plans on how I intend to spend the Easter holiday but for me, it is a time to reflect. So, I will rather go to church and reflect on the essence of the season and move on from there.”
Speaking on people who engage in open philanthropy, he said though he is not a fan of it, he doesn’t condemn it either.

He said, “I will say no to open philanthropy. I don’t think there is any need for one to publicise the good one does for others. If one wants to publicise it, what is now the essence for it? However, I will not say that I do not understand why some people do public philanthropy. Maybe it is because of the growth of their non-governmental organisations.

“For me, giving isn’t to show off. One should be able to give without letting the world know that one is giving. If the person being given to decides to talk about one’s benevolence, then that is fine. Although I am not a fan of open philanthropy, I am still not condemning those who do it.”