Lola Okoye: 'Living and Minding My Business' Amid Paul Okoye’s Remarriage

Lola Okoye: ‘Living and Minding My Business’ Amid Paul Okoye’s Remarriage

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IDOAMEBO – Lola Omotayo Okoye, the wife of music sensation Peter Okoye from the iconic duo Psquare, has sparked a wave of inspiration on social media with her enigmatic message.

As news of her brother-in-law Paul Okoye’s recent remarriage made headlines, Lola took to Instagram to share a captivating video showcasing her carefree spirit.

The accompanying caption conveyed her commitment to living life on her terms, free from the entanglements of others’ affairs.

A Message of Self-Empowerment and Simplicity

Lola’s post resonated deeply with her followers, garnering praise from friends and fans alike.

Actress Kate Henshaw commended Lola’s approach, admiring her beauty and endorsing her stance.

Other fans echoed similar sentiments, hailing Lola as a “rare gem” and a “no drama zone.”

Her empowering message has sparked a wave of positivity, encouraging others to embrace their individuality and cherish the simplicity of life.

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 A Glimpse into Lola’s Inspiring Outlook

“Living and minding my business. Have a blessed week y’all,” Lola’s caption read.


Lola’s caption, “Living and minding my business. Have a blessed week y’all,” has become a rallying cry for those seeking to focus on their personal growth and happiness. Her dedication to being true to herself is a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that our energy is best spent nurturing our well-being.As Trophy Cash aptly put it, “Biko drink enough water. U deserve peace of mind.”

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