How “A Tribe Called Judah” Hit N1Billion Record

How “A Tribe Called Judah” Hit N1Billion Record


idoamebo – Nollywood is celebrating a historic achievement today as “A Tribe Called Judah”, the directorial debut of Funke Akindele, surpassed the N1 billion mark in ticket sales. The film, co-directed by Adeoluwa Owu, is a hilarious and action-filled comedy that has won the hearts of millions of viewers across the country with its amazing plot and cast.

The Story Behind the Heist

The film features a star-studded ensemble of actors, including Funke Akindele, Timini Egbuson, Jide Kene Achufusi, Uzee Usman, Tobi Makinde, and Olumide Oworu. They play a family of aspiring thieves who plan to rob a luxury furniture store in a busy mall. However, their scheme goes awry when they encounter a group of armed robbers who have already taken over the place, leading to a series of hilarious and unexpected twists and turns.


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The Journey to Success

A Tribe Called Judah” hit the cinemas on December 15th, 2023, and immediately became a sensation, attracting 285,410 moviegoers nationwide. The film also broke records with its impressive N1.06 billion gross earnings in a short period, making it one of the most successful Nollywood movies ever. The film was distributed by Film One, a leading film distribution company in Nigeria.

The Praise and Recognition

The film has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised the creativity and talent of Funke Akindele and Adeoluwa Owu, as well as the superb performance of the actors and actresses. The film has also been applauded for its unique blend of action, comedy, and suspense, which created a thrilling and enjoyable experience for the viewers. The film has proven to be a masterpiece of Nollywood cinema, and a source of pride and inspiration for the industry.


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