McGregor Announces His UFC Comeback Against Michael Chandler

McGregor Announces His UFC Comeback Against Michael Chandler

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idoamebo – The former UFC champion Conor McGregor has revealed his plans to return to the octagon after a long hiatus. He posted on social media that he will face Michael Chandler, another former champion, on June 29, 2024, in Las Vegas. The fight is expected to be part of the UFC’s International Fight Week, a week-long celebration of mixed martial arts. However, the UFC and Chandler have not yet confirmed the fight, according to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

A Long-Awaited Matchup Between Two Coaches

McGregor and Chandler have a history of rivalry, as they both coached opposite teams on the reality show “The Ultimate Fighter”. They have been in negotiations for a fight for a long time, but the deal never materialized. Chandler expressed his excitement for the fight in an interview with ESPN on Saturday. He said he was ready to fight McGregor at any weight class, from 155 to 185 pounds.


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A Surprising Weight Class for Both Fighters

The fight is set to take place at 185 pounds, which is unusual for both fighters. They usually compete at 155 pounds, where they both have won titles in the past. Chandler has fought all of his five UFC fights at 155 pounds, while McGregor has also fought at 170 pounds on some occasions. The reason for the weight class choice is unclear, but it could pose some challenges for both fighters in terms of speed, power, and endurance.

A Chance for Redemption for Both Fighters

McGregor has been out of action since 2021, when he suffered a leg injury in a loss to Dustin Poirier. He has a record of 22 wins and 6 losses, but he has lost his last two fights to Poirier in 2021. McGregor was also unable to fight for most of 2023, as he failed to register with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which resulted in a heated dispute between him and the USADA. Chandler, who is 37 years old, has a record of 23 wins and 8 losses. He last fought in 2022, when he lost to Poirier as well. It was his third loss in his last four fights. Both McGregor and Chandler are looking for a comeback and a chance to prove themselves as the best in the division.

A Fight That Could Shake Up the UFC

The fight between McGregor and Chandler has not been officially announced yet, but McGregor seems confident that it will happen. If it does, it could be one of the biggest fights of the year, as both fighters have huge fan bases and charismatic personalities. The fight could also have implications for the UFC rankings and title picture, as both fighters are former champions and contenders. Fans are eagerly waiting for more details and confirmation of the fight, which could happen in just a few months.


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