Lady's & Man's Revealing Outfit Spark Reactions at Lekki Event

Lady’s & Man’s Revealing Outfit Spark Reactions at Lekki Event

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IDOAMEBO – A recent video from the Naija Shimadun welcome-back party in Lagos has taken social media by storm, showcasing a lady’s daring outfit and a man’s unconventional fashion choice.

The event, organized by Kogbagidi Entertainment on May 26th, 2025, was attended by prominent figures like Zlatan Ibile, Lyta, and Kogbagidi.

Outfits That Stole the Show (and Sparked Debate)

The lady’s revealing ensemble and the man’s bold, pregnancy-inspired look have sparked many reactions online.

While some have praised their confidence and self-expression, others have criticized the camera operator for zooming in on the lady’s cleavage, citing unprofessionalism and clickbait tactics.

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 Social Media Reacts A Mixed Bag of Opinions

Reactions have poured in from all corners, with some defending the guests’ fashion choices as a reflection of society’s promotion of self-expression.

In contrast, others have condemned the cameraman‘s actions as inappropriate and disrespectful.

See reactions below;

lizzy__omo: 15secs into d video and I was like shey una no go show another person Abi na only she Dey there until I saw the uncle in white top���������������.

nohpheesat: The camera man Dey ment sha, You were called for an event coverage job why you were zooming on her b***bs?

sexyvalgram: Who be that guy wey get beat bear come wear crop top and skirt abi palazzo ������������.

yetundeogunwale: Daddy to wo skirt and baggy trouser aye yin ti laba sketchy.

nzubechiii’: You can’t blame girls that goes half n()de on social media, this is what the society promotes, the only private part we have now is intestine.

official_bisping: One word for d guy on white. Let’s have it..���.

bigmenaa: Lagos is a wild place ���.

softnsleek__02: Whosoever is behind the camera isn’t professional at all! You were called for an event coverage job and not to seek silly news for clickbait or engagement because explain to me why you were zooming on her b***bs? I’m not even a fan of exposing one’s cleavage but then this act is totally uncalled for! Focus on the event and not putting up the guests for online drags!

The debate raises questions about the boundaries of fashion, social media etiquette, and the role of event cover

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