Toyin Abraham Playfully Confesses to Seyi Tinubu "I Love You Too Much"

Toyin Abraham Playfully Confesses to Seyi Tinubu “I Love You Too Much”

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IDOAMEBO – A hilarious video featuring Toyin Abraham and Seyi Tinubu has taken the internet by storm! The clip shows Seyi praising Toyin as the “Baddest movie director in Nigeria,” to which she jokingly responds by threatening to disown him. Her reason? “Because I love you too much. You’re a good person.”

Reactions Trail the Viral Clip as Fans Express Love and Support for Toyin Abraham

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, with many expressing their admiration for Toyin’s humor and kindness. Some have also praised Seyi for his friendly gesture, while others have expressed concern that Toyin might face backlash for her playful comment.

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A Glimpse into the Friendly Relationship Between Toyin Abraham and Seyi Tinubu”

This lighthearted exchange offers a glimpse into the friendly relationship between Toyin and Seyi, showcasing their ability to poke fun at each other in a playful manner.

The video has entertained fans and highlighted the importance of kindness and humility in celebrity relationships.

A video of Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham and Seyi Tinubu, President Tinubu’s first son, sharing a funny moment has gone viral online.

In the clip, Seyi Tinubu bumped into Toyin Abraham’s video and started praising her.

He called her the ‘Baddest movie director in Nigeria‘ while raising his hands.

However, Toyin’s response caught people’s attention as she jokingly mentioned disowning the president’s son.

When Seyi asked why she would want to disown him, Toyin said: “Because I love you too much. You’re a good person.”

See some of the reactions that trailed the viral clip below:

@ajibewa_bamidele: “Mummy ire, we love you.”

@hub_of_silverspoon: “Did you hear that word? Because you’re loyal to baba! it cost nothing mehn.”

@princesssikeoye: “Nah real seyi friends be this no be lege own tou fi tipatipa se Ore omo president.”

@addyhealth: “They will soon start crying, mum ire the lord is your strength, you will need the strength.”

@ladun2007: “Toyin don go look for trouble again ooo, chai I hate seeing people coming for this woman and Iyabo. Must you post nii haaaa.”

@iamolayinka_dorcas: “Chai hope dey won’t attack my world best now, I love u mama Ireoluwa.”

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