How Isa Pantami Secured ‘N50m Ransom’ For Nabeeha’s Sisters

How Isa Pantami Secured ‘N50m Ransom’ For Nabeeha’s Sisters

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idoamebo – In a shocking and heartbreaking incident, a group of bandits kidnapped six sisters from the Al-Kadriyar family in Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Tuesday night.

They also took their father along, but later released him and demanded N60 million for the release of his daughters.

The Tragic Death Of Nabeeha

The family was unable to raise the full amount by the deadline of Friday, and only managed to collect N30 million.

The bandits rejected the offer and brutally killed Nabeeha, the eldest sister, who was a 500-level student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zari.

They also increased the ransom to N100 million and threatened to kill the remaining five sisters if the money was not paid.

The news of Nabeeha’s death sent shockwaves across Nigeria, as people expressed their outrage and grief over the senseless violence and insecurity in the country.


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The Generous Donation Of A Friend And A Brother

As the family and the nation mourned the loss of Nabeeha, a ray of hope emerged when Prof Isa Pantami, the former Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, announced that he had secured the remaining N50 million ransom for the release of the abducted sisters.

He revealed that he had spoken with a friend and a brother who had offered to pay the ransom immediately.

Isa Pantami said that he had given the account number of the father of the sisters, Mansoor Al-Kadriyar, to the donor and asked him to send the money directly.

He also said that any extra money that the family had raised earlier could be used to treat the sisters and other family members.

Prof Pantami expressed his gratitude to the donor and prayed for his reward in the hereafter.

He also prayed for the security and peace of the country and the forgiveness and mercy of Nabeeha.

Isa Pantami said that he was personally against paying ransom to criminals, but he had no choice since the lives of the sisters were at stake.

The Hope For A Better Nigeria

The gesture of Prof Pantami and the donor was widely appreciated and praised by Nigerians, who hoped that the sisters would be freed soon and reunited with their family.

They also called for more action and accountability from the government and the security agencies to end the menace of banditry and kidnapping in the country.

They said that Nigeria deserved to be a better place for all of its citizens.

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